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Swine Flu and Envirox Products

On 5/1/10 we received an email from Envirox stating that "EPA believes, based  on available scientific information, that the currently registered influenza A virus products will be effective against the 2009-H1N1 flu strain and other influenza A virus strains.  For safe and effective use of these products, always follow the label instructions, paying special attention to the product's dilution rate (if applicable) and contact time."

The following EnvirOx products are registered to be effective
against Influenza A virus.

For further information see our Swine Flu Facts page or call 610-376-8700

"We're All Gonna Die From Mutant Germs" 
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EnvirOx invented hydrogen peroxide cleaning technology and remains a leader in producing quality hydrogen peroxide products that deliver unsurpassed performance.

Advantages of Hydrogen Peroxide Based Cleaners

A complete line of environmentally friendly, reduced human toxicity, sustainable cleaning chemicals that are safer for people and better for the environment.

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The newest Envirox products have improved performance
from GnX2 Technology -

  • Improved Cleaning Power
  • Plant Derived Renewable Resource Ingredients
  • Petroleum Free
  • Reduced Aquatic Toxicity
  • Reduced Human Toxicity
  • Improved Biodegradability

envirox 117

H2Orange2 117

EPA Registered General Purpose
Cleaner / Sanitizer / Virucide

The ORIGINAL hydrogen peroxide based cleaner


envirox 118

Concentrate 118       gnx2 logo

EPA Registered General Purpose
Cleaner / Sanitizer / Virucide

The next generation of hydrogen peroxide cleaners - now safer and more effective

envirox floors - GS

Floors Super Concentrate      gnx2 logo

Grout Cleaning & Renovation /                     green seal logo
Daily Floor Cleaner - Green Seal Certified

Outperforms conventional floor cleaning products

critical care in use

Critical Care

Disinfectant - Fungicide - Virucide

24 Hour Residual Kill


Greasinator      gnx2 logo

Industrial Degreaser

All the power of butyl based dergreasers -
but SAFER!

mineral shock

Mineral Shock  gnx2 logo

Mineral Remover / Bowl Cleaner

Unique combination of organic salt and safe degreasing agents

carpet complete

Carpet Complete      gnx2 logo

6 in 1 Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner

eco-blend dispenser


Wall mount and handheld dispensers and accessories

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