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national supplier of specialty chemicals.

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CI 108 Power Red Cleaner / Degreaser

CI 108 is a patented, non-solvent, liquid cleaner made especially for quick, easy and thorough removal of oily, greasy oil. It works equally well against petroleum, animal and vegetable fats and is so effective that it only requires rinsing when used on food contact surfaces.

CI 108 Power Red MSDS

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CI 106 Power Blue Cleaner / Degreaser

CI 106 is a truly industrial strength cleaner / degreaser many times the power and effectiveness of nationally advertised brands, allowing it to clean better and to be diluted further when used with a mop, sprayer or in an automatic floor scrubber.

CI 106 Power Blue MSDS 

CI 404 Maximum Strip Floor Finish Reemulsifier

CI 404 Maximum Strip is the most advanced floor finish reemulsifier available today. Its "wet" technology keeps it liquid on the floor long after other strippers would have dried. Thus a much thinner application stays wet without flooding the floor and without risk of loosening tiles.


liquid ice melt

Clean Image Liquid Ice Melt

Safe for Use on New Concrete
  • Apply before or during snowfall for easy shoveling
  • Apply after shoveling to prevent refreezing
  • Ready to use, apply with pump-up sprayer
  • No harmfu or unsightly residue
  • Treats 17,500 square feet per pail

Liquid Ice Melt MSDS

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Stops Floor Damage From Deicing Salt Residue
  • Removes heavy salt residue without gumming up like other cleaning solutions
  • Use in mop bucket or autoscrubber

Winterinse MSDS

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